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March 2011
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Cliff FFA
Mark Twain Comes to Quemado
Volunteer Center of Grant County to Assist Seniors with Commodities
Volunteers Needed for Catron County Health Council
Food Pantries of Catron County
Cliff FFA
by Kade Calloway, Cliff FFA Reporter

The Cliff FFA chapter is kicking off the judging season with a great start. On January 15, 2011 our Horse and Livestock judging teams attended the first annual Duncan FFA Judging Jackpot/Practice in Duncan AZ and had great success!!

Competing against nine horse teams and thirty-seven individuals, our 1st horse team consisting of Karter Bearup, Kenyon Bearup, Kelsey Garner and, Logan Eggleston won the event with Kelsey Garner winning first place individual and Karter Bearup placing third. Our 2nd team with Lacy Garner, Holt Shelley, and Tranthum Welty competing took second with Lacy Garner placing sixth overall. Kelsey Garner received a belt buckle for achieving the high individual placing.

Klayton Bearup competed as an individual for Cliff FFA in the livestock competition and he placed 2nd overall against seven livestock teams consisting of twenty-five individuals.

We are really looking forward to the rest of the 2011 Judging Season with our first competition coming up soon in T or C on February 26, 2011.

Keep up the good work Cliff FFA.

Bottom Row left to right ~ Logan Eggilston, Karter Bearup, Lacy Garner;
Top Row left to right ~ Holt Shelly, Kenyon Bearup, Kelsey Garner,Klayton Bearup;
Not pictured: Tranthom Welty

Mark Twain Comes To Quemado!
By Anne Sullivan

Northern Catron County's Roadrunner Arts Council - in conjunction with the New Mexico Humanities Council - will present Randy Milligan in a Chautauqua Performance of "Samuel Clemens - Mark Twain's Shadow" at the Quemado Senior Center on Friday, March 18 at 6:00 p.m. The performance will be preceded at 4:30 p.m. by a dinner from the kitchen of the Senior Center. The cost for the beef stew, corn bread, salad and dessert dinner is $6.75. There is no charge for the performance.

Everyone is invited.

Mark Twain has been in the news lately with the recent publication and speedy rise to best seller list of a new edition of Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1. The New York Times Book Section describes the book thus ~ "In his autobiography, published unexpurgated for the first time, Twain is pointedly political and willing to play the angry prophet."

An interesting article appeared in the November 29, 2010 issue of the New Yorker in which Adam Gopnik waxes pro and con about Twain's writing and showmanship.

Randy Milligan is no stranger to Northern Catron County, having appeared in the last two years as Judge Roy Bean and Theodore Roosevelt. Milligan lives in Carlsbad where he keeps very busy as Speech and Theatre Instructor at New Mexico State University and as President of the Carlsbad Arts & Humanities Alliance as well as directing and acting at the Carlsbad Community Theatre. Roadrunner Arts Council and the Quemado Senior Center are pleased and honored to host his second return.


Volunteer Center of Grant County to Assist Seniors with Commodities

The Volunteer Center of Grant County would like to make it easier for seniors in all areas Grant County to get CSFP senior commodities. These are the commodities normally given out at the Santa Clara National Guard Armory in Santa Clara and the Silver City Recreation Center in Silver City.

Because it can be difficult to arrange transportation to these centralized distribution centers, the Volunteer Center will deliver 50 pound commodities boxes of food to the Senior Centers in Gila and Mimbres for pickup every other month starting in April.

To receive commodities seniors must be residents of Grant County, be 60 years of age or older and qualify according to income. Interested applicants should bring with them their picture ID, proof of income for all persons living in the household (Social Security benefit statements, pensions, etc.) and proof of residency in Grant County (a utility bill or other official document that is not one's picture ID).
To qualify you must have a monthly income of $1174 or less for a single person household, $1579 or less for a two person household (+$405.00 for each additional household

To verify eligibility we will be holding Senior Commodities Registration at both Senior Centers.

Registration at the Mimbres Valley Senior Center will be held on Tuesdays, March 1 and 8 from 11:00 to 1:00 pm. In order to pick up your commodities at the Mimbres Valley senior center you must become a member of the senior center and can do so while registering for commodities.

Another registration in the Mimbres Valley will be held at the Rio Mimbres Baptist Church on Thursday March 17 from 11:30 to 1:30.

Registration at the Gila Senior Center will be held on Thursdays, March 3 and 10 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm.

If you have any questions please call Mindy at The Volunteer Center (575) 388-2988.


Volunteers Needed for Catron County Health Council

Times are hard, money tight but there are people out there who strive to make a difference in our lives daily. This Country was made great by those that worked for the good of the nation and communities by volunteering to make the quality of life better for their families and neighbors.

If you have a bit of time, we at the Catron County Health Council could use your help. Come and join us to help plan this year's Health Fair, join or help with a Cancer Support group, Grief support , help with the fight against drugs and alcohol with our SACAT or join the Grassroots Group , to help those with Behavioral Health problems, man a help line or to work with the Natrual Helpers, a group of kids who are peer mentors.

We are trying to prevent any Health or Behavorial Health problems that may arise in Catron County.

Our theme for this year's Health Fair will be on Prevention. We invite you to join as a member of the Health Council or to help with the event. It takes many people to make the Health Fair a success.

We have lost our regular funding, in order to keep running as we are now, we need to have more volunteers, and are perusing funding.

The Catron County Health Council has made a difference in the Health and Life style for Catron County residents.

If you are interested in joining or helping, call
Ann Menges 575 533 6267
Kathleen Schuster 575 539 2556,
Alisa Estrada 575 533 6456
Bobby Howell 575 547 2331
Claire Leonard 575 533 6836
or the Health Council Office at 575 533 6075.


Food Pantries of Catron County

Luna Mobile Food Pantry
c/o Keith and Jamie Spiller
PO Box 177 Luna.NM 87824
Distribution is the 4th Wednesday of each month. Call for further details

Aragon Mobile Food Pantry
Tawnya Kaber 575-772-2908
Distribution is the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Reserve Fairgrounds. Call for details

Glenwood Presbyterian Church
Maxine Stewart
PO Box 121 Glenwood,NM 88039
Distribution is the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Community Center Call for details

Reserve Baptist Church
Virginia Hickman 575-533-6400
Call for details

Santo Nino Catholic Church
Margaret Luera 575-539-2440
Call for details

Datil Food Pantry
Lora Whitney 575-772-5171
Distribution is the first Friday of each month
at the Datil School
Sign in before 11:00 AM

Horse Mountain Mobile Food Pantry
Troy Butler 575-772-5267
Distribution is the first Friday of each month at the Horse Mt Fire department. Sign in before 12:00

Pie Town Food Pantry
Margaret Walker 575-772-2673
Distribution is the first Friday of each month at the Community Center. Sign in before 2:00 PM

Quemado Food Pantry
Layla Veith 575-773-4350
Distribution is the first Friday of each month at the Community Center
Sign in before 3:00 PM





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